User Interface Tester


We are looking for a User Interface Tester to integrate the 1TM project.

Do you like trying to break the system? Do you want applications to be easy to learn, and easy to use? Then this job is for you!  Come and help us build a collaboration platform for creators that does what it is supposed to.

We are looking for someone with a background in human-computer interaction: either from a computer science, software engineering, psychology, or education point of view. You will be responsible of testing the application in terms of functionality and usability (user interface including wording,grammar, presentation, size, fonts, responsiveness, etc.). You will be provided with tasks to do in terms of testing and a supervisor/advisor will help you for both types of testing. Some expertise in project management is a plus (know how to handle time to assign responsibilities, prioritize tasks for the developers and project manager).

You need to be willing to work with others, as you will be involved with the project manager and programmers. You also need to be able to respect deadlines, as the quality and timing of your work will impact the success of software building.


Hour per week: 15-20 hours.




About Us

We are a group of strategists, designers, and engineers teamed up to create a new breed of community platform dedicated to enabling creators around the globe.


We are building the future of collaboration!

We believe that by connecting creative minds with like-minded talents with different skills and backgrounds, we can make more ideas happen, together. Our vision is to be the most creator-centric company in the galaxy; To build a place where the curious discover the creative, the creative inspire the enthusiastic; To build a place where people can come to find and discover some less ordinary ideas and join in the making. We’re always looking for talented humans who are interested in building the future alongside us.

How to Apply

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